How To Brush Hair Extensions (Wet)

How To Brush Hair Extensions (Wet)

Step 1: Once washed and out of the shower, you need to gently squeeze the excess water from your hair extensions with a towel, making sure not to rub or scrub the hair, as not only will this raise the cuticle, but it could also encourage tangling and matting depending on the quality of your hair extensions.

Now the excess water has been squeezed out we can begin to brush.

Step 2: Pull your hair extensions to one side, and hold the hair at the base of your neck in a low side-ponytail position.  Securing your hair extensions in this way will reduce any tension or tugging on the hair extension bonds or weft track if you are wearing permanent hair extensions.  If you have clip in hair extensions, gather the top of the clip into a bundle to form a ponytail as this will make the hair easier to brush. Starting from the bottom, using a wide tooth shower comb, slowly work through an inch at a time, working your way up the hair until you reach the top of the hair.

Step 3: Now that the bottom sections of the hair are tangle free, you can release the rest of the hair, slowly working your way up and stopping before the bonds.  If you are combing through clip in hair extensions you can work your way right up to the top of the clips.

Step 4: Once you reach the top, the larger knots should now have been removed, so it is time to now go in with a hair extension brush to work through some of the finer knots and to smooth the hair completely.  Take your dual bristle hair extension brush and again working from the bottom to the top, slowly work your way up inch by inch, gently brushing through any tangles.

Step 5:  If you are wearing permanent hair extensions, you can use your dual bristle brush right up and over the bonds.  It will glide over without tugging and pulling on the bonds, but you must still work gently. IF you are brushing through clip in hair extensions then you can use your dual bristle brush to work right to the top of the set.

Top tip:  Hair extensions are at their weakest when they are wet, so it is very important to brush you hair slowly and gently every time you wash your hair.  Rushing will lead to damage, so make sure you are setting enough time aside to dedicate yourself to doing it correctly.

Reprinted from hairextensionsbff.


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