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Haiya hair ethically sourced from the Western regions of China. Little girls sell their hair for school, women sell their hair for daily life. As such top quality hair is very expensive, they can get well paid and selling hair becomes an important income for them! Haiya hair materials is completely free from perms, bleaches, color treatment, and dyes. Every bundle is tested to ensure it is virgin & cuticle Intact hair. The hair is meticulously sorted by whether it has a blue or red undertone to determine if it can be dyed blonde. We only use hair that can be bleached to blonde, so we hair feels amazing even after multiple times being washed,100% reuse-able for up to a year or two year. At the same time, we adopted the cuticle intact process. We do not use harsh chemical dyeing products to dye the hair, but rather a slow and gentle color bath, this process is unique ,it can ensure the cuticles as mush as possible intact, so you have healthy, strong, lustrous and tangle free Haiya hair extensions !